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Why The Pilgrims Visits Medinah

Visit Of Pilgrims To Medinah

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It is totally impossible for a Muslim, who is in Makkah for Hajj or Umrah, that he set in the Arab land and avoid to visit the significant places known as Ziyarat e Muqadisa. There are many places in the Medinah, which the Muslims visit with the great sense of attraction and submission towards the religion. Along with the famous Ziyarat in the Makkah, the land of Medinah and some places nearby around it, also have plenty of places to visit by the Muslims, as they occupy a special place in the Muslim History.

Maqbarah tul Baqee is the final resting place of several thousand Companions of Our Prophet (SAW), too. Many others well known devout Muslims with ramadan umrah packages 2017 have the honor of being hidden here, too. Whenever you will go to Saudi Arabia you can visit Janat Ul Baqi which is a Historical place in Madinah. Several family members of our beloved Prophet (SAW) have been buried in this graveyard. It enjoys the status of being the first Muslim graveyard of Madinah.

Masjid e Ayesha, lies 7.5 km south on the road to Madinah and is the closest of all the border points. It is the Masjid which is also known as the Masjid at-Taneem, which marks the place where Umul-Muminin Aisha (R.A) entered into Ahram for Umrah, when the Prophet (SAW) told her to do so during the farewell Hajj.

The Masjid e Jumma is constructed in the memory of that incident when on a Friday the Prophet (SAW) left Quba to start keen on Madinah. About a kilometer from the Quba he passed the village of Banu Salim bin Auf, where the people of Banu Salim implored: “O Prophet of Allah, you stayed at the homes of our cousins for a number of days, reward us too with something, for they will pride themselves over us till the Day of Judgment that you stayed with them”. The Prophet (PBUH) dismounted and offered his first Jummah in their area.

Masjid e Quba is another important place around the Medinah. An Importance of Masjid Quba is mentioned in the following Quranic verse in Surah Taubah: “Certainly a masjid founded on piety from the very first day is more deserving that you should stand in it…” The Masjid al Meeqat is the place where pilgrims coming from Madinah wishing to perform Umrah or Hajj with umrah packages 2017 enter into Ahram before they set for Makkah. The Masjidul Qiblatain is historically important to Muslims as this is where the revelation of the Holy Quran came to change the direction of the Qibla from Bait-al-Maqdis to the Ka’bah in Makah.

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