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Benefits Of Eating Dates

Dates Benefits According To Islam

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Benefits Of Eating Dates

Dates hold a lot of significance in Islam as they have been mentioned in Islamic contexts numerous times. Their high importance can be seen in the month of Ramzan when Muslims from all around the world open their fast by eating the dates as a first thing to open their fasts. There is a famous Hadith of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) in which he has stated that if a person is fasting then he should break his fast with a date. If he doesn’t have a date, he should break his fast with water. No doubt water is the best purifier.

Dates are the richest fruit which is full of fibers. Many types of research have been done on the benefits of eating dates. Medicines these days, highly use the contents of dates in them. The medicine used to cure abdominal cancer also uses the contents of dates in it. If we study the significant chemical properties of dates, we would realize that date contains manganese, iron, Sulphur, calcium, oil, potassium, copper etc. In short, dates are a complete package having all the healthy stuff in packed inside them. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) used to mix the dates with bread pieces or with cucumber. Although he loved all the different types of dates, but his most favorite date was Ajwah.

The significance of dates is so high that whenever a person comes from Hajj and Umrah by availing any of the Islamic pilgrimage services from Birmingham for Muslims, he always brings dates and holy water ZamZam with them and distribute them among their relatives and friends. People are always waiting for the pilgrim to bring dates and they eat them with sheer delight. This shows the love of Muslims towards this holy fruit which cannot be compared with the love of any other fruit in the world. Dates contain certain essential things which provide strength to the muscles. It also helps a lot in going through the process of pregnancy. It also helps the person in healing its depression.
Dates are filled with vitamins and minerals. They are enriched with other healthy elements which provide

an energy boost to the body. It gives calcium to the bones as well due to which it gives a full on nutritionist benefit to the children. They are quite healthy for the eyes as well. So we should always keep them in our diet.

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