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Amazing Facts About Jannatul Baqi

Jannatul Baqi And Its Facts

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Human beings are designed by God in such a way that they feel the stimuli of fear whenever they are projected to something which may harm their survival. We are programmed by Allah Almighty in a certain way that our bodies fight or run away from the situations inflicting any kind of harm to our survival. The fear of death is present in everyone and places like graveyard triggers the fear hormones in any person. But the reality remains same and we can’t stop death as it is inevitable. When you belong to the Muslim community, you realize all the Islamic facts of life after death, the rewards and punishments, and the ultimate truth of death leads you nearer to such places like graveyards, which allows you to remember that one day each single person will leave the earth no matter how powerful or wealthy he might be. One of the best examples of famous graveyards is Jannatul Baqi.


Jannatul Baqi is famously known as the Garden of Heaven. It is the main graveyard present in the Holy city Madinah. The closest people of our beloved Prophet’s family have been buried there. Almost ten thousand fellow companions of Prophet (PBUH) are buried in this cemetery including some other famous virtuous men as well.

Hazrat Ayesha (May God be please with her) stated that often Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) used to go to Jannatul Baqi and prayed for the people who were buried there. The worldly meaning Jannatul Baqi holds a lot of significance in the history of Islam. Baqi basically means the land which possesses the roots of various trees which differ in their nature. On the other hand, this graveyard was also known as Baqi al-Gharqad after the name of thorny plants which were present there in abundance.


Often the Muslims who want to create the strong bonding between them and Allah, would love to visit places like graveyards specially those having such blessed personalities buried in it. If you are one of those people who have always been love such historic places and having the amenities of the Hajj Packages for Muslims Community Birmingham, England, then you would have one of the most spiritual and religious experience by visiting this famous cemetery.

According to the Islamic history, the companion of Prophet (PBUH) who was the first ever to be buried in Jannatul Baqi was Hazrat Asad Bin Zararah (May Allah be please with him). He died quite soon after Prophet (PBUH) migrated to the Holy city Madinah. Other blessed people who were buried in Jannatul Baqi included the wives of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). The respected wives are also known as the Mothers of the Believers and they include Hazrat Sauda, Hazrat Ayesha and Hazrat Hafsa (May Allah be pleased with all of them). Other two wives of Prophet (PBUH) who are not buried here are Hazrat Maymuna and Hazrat Khadija (May Allah be please with them). The respected daughters of the Prophet (PBUH) are also buried here. The infant son and grandson of our beloved Prophet (PBUH) are also buried here. It is stated that visiting Jannatul Baqi especially on Friday, brings a lot of virtue in the life of Muslims.

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