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Al-Hasan (A.S)

The Second Imam

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Hassan (A.S) was the son of Hazrat Ali (R.A) and Bibi Fatima (R.A) and This beautiful name of the Hassan (A.S) is given by the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and performed Azan and Iqama when he was informed that he had a grandson. Historians relate this fact that Hassan (A.S) looked like his grandfather the Holy Prophet in looks and have the same degree of manners. The Holy Prophet use to hold Him when he was found in the mosque. Holy Prophet (PBUH) took him aside next to Him and all the people observed it with love and affection.

His mother and Holy Prophet (PBUH) passed away when he was only eight years old. Then was under the supervision of his father Ali (R.A). it was the time of prosperity as there were many conquests and people of Medina were prospered. There was a large share of wealth but they keep themselves aloof but not from the prospered Muslim society. Many Muslims built their large houses and have servants for them. But Hazrat Ali (R.A) and his both sons did take any of them but they built a trust and both sons were the trustees of that trust. Whenever there is some amount of them, they put them into that trust to provide those who don’t have many sources to make their food easily. Due to this act, many non-believers converted into Islam.Hassan (A.S) was the witness of the prevailing Muslims empires all over the world.

Many battles were fought and won by the Muslims. It was the golden period of Islam as wealth is pouring through the conquests of many rich states but they never used it for their personal benefits and for their wellbeing. Instead, they made the life of people easy with that. As he was the reflection of the Great Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), they always try on the golden rules of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) follow the life their life matter according to Sunnah as they have been taught under the blessed teachings of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Indeed, it was a really great blessed family of that world because they have been nourished under the blessed shadow of Holy Prophet (PBUH). we should also make us to the follower of Sunnah as it is very necessary for the life after death. Let seek forgiveness in the great house of Allah (SWT). for that noble purpose, we brought the Best Umrah Package for Muslims Community from Leeds, England. Because Allah (SWT) never closes his doors of Blessings so it’s never too late to find peace.

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